When technology and nature combine

   We combine artificial intelligence with nature and renewable energy

Our app controlled, sensor based systems maximise efficiency and minimise resource consumption!
What do we design and build?
  • landscaping systems (land and rooftop gardens)
  • living and green wall systems
  • aeroponic systems for plant growth
How do we do it?

We add sensors → Sensors send information to the app → The app detects and informs us → Artificial intelligence solves potential issues. 

We collect rainwater, filter, and recycle everything used in the system. The system can come packaged with renewable energy sources, storage, and chargers. We automate the process.

Why rooftop gardens and living walls?

  • Whether you choose a regular green space or a high-tech space, it is healthy because it protects us against pollution. Plants use  carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. They also offer us refuges not just for our body’s health, but also for our mental health.
  • It feeds us ecologically. We can grow plants that we can eat fresh, immediately after they are harvested.
  • Small electricity and heat bills for buildings covered in nature: in summer, AC machines use less energy as there’s no need to use them too often, and, in winter, we have an extra layer of insulation.
  • Plants protect the roof and walls from the damage caused by temperature variations from night until day and between seasons.

We offer from regular, classical soil based green systems, to high-tech, app controlled green systems which give you all the necessary information about your plants via sensors and which control everything in the system .

Why aeroponics?
  • Incredibly high crop yield
  • Year-round production
  • Fast growth & harvest rate
  • Focus on quality & taste
  • Crops are not affected by weather
  • Sensors detect all the needs of plants
  • Automation replaces routine work
  • Low resource consumption
  • Low exposure to disease, pesticides, and insecticides
  • Several ecological crops can be cultivated at once
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