Who we are

The 2 departments of our company are: Technology & Research, Development , and Education
Our mission is to build a healthy, educated and sustainable society.

Aeroponics and smart, biophilic systems feed us ecologically, help fight against climate change & pollution, and offer us a healthy lifestyle. Our sustainable systems can be used in agriculture, landscaping, on and inside buildings. 

Due to our desire to share our passion for science we created Edu Club. We believe that an educated population is inventive and this makes society evolve. 


Our goals:

We want to develop aeroponic systems for the growth of plants. We desire to implement smart, sustainable systems to transform cities into oxygen factories. And we wish to educate through practice, experiment, and construction. 

Our philosophy:

From buildings to streets, microchips, satellites, almost everything that exists is based on science. Science is the foundation of modern civilisation and we want to use it to make human society better.  We take advantage of the hundreds of years of science before us in order to offer optimum services.

What do we do?

Research & Development:

We experiment and learn so we build the most efficient systems

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