Our team is made up of management, really cool employees, and super awesome contractors and volunteers. Each and every single one is crucial to our work and we are thankful for their involvement in this project!

Founder of the company & Executive Director: Cristina Sburlea

The time to act is now! We cannot simply sit idly as our climate changes in such a way that our very future is at stake. I hope to live on a planet that offers the best opportunity at a good life not just for humans, but all living organisms and that, one day, can be the cradle of life that extends beyond it, to the rest of the solar system and galaxy! 

Chief Technology Officer: Iulia I.Vîrlan

Humans are not just part of this world, but due to being the most advanced species, we are responsible for this planet. As a construction engineer , I believe that technology is our best tool to both fulfil our responsibility to protect the environment and to make our life better, easier, and happier!

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