Courses, workshops, and research programs

Why Edu Club?

Because we are passionate about science, technology, and engineering, we created Edu Club, a place where we can showcase our passion and teach others through experiment, modelling, and construction! Our professors are engineers which work in the company's projects and partners that are professionals in other domains such as medicine, research, physics, law, entrepreneurship. 

Edu Club 
  1. Applied Physics & Chemistry: a concept is presented, all its parts are analysed, its role and use in daily life are explained. Experiments
  2. Applied Mathematics
  3. Environment Education: plants, animals, microorganisms, climate change, protection projects. Students participate in environmental workshops
  4. Entrepreneurship: necessary computer programs, budget calculation, sustainable business ideas, legal and financial framework for start-ups.
  5. Health Education: what are epidemics and pandemics, viruses, bacteria, contagious diseases, how to protect ourselves
  6. History of the universe
  7. Human rights and social education
  8. History of religions 
  9. Introduction to rockets: theoretical and applied course based on physics and chemistry. A light rocket is built
  10. Introduction in neuroscience: what are & how neurons and glia work, disease, chips, computer/machine-brain interfaces, artificial intelligence, bionics, robots
  11. Programming and Artificial Intelligence
  12. Robotics
  13. The Science of Plants and Soil: how to grow plants and what they need, drainage, soil, irrigation, fire protection, greenhouses, hydroponics, aeroponics
  14. Universal history: the causes for specific events are explained
  15. Languages: English, Korean, German
  16. Workshops related to all the above courses
  17. STEM training for school and high school professors
R&D programs 
Green smart systems
Aeroponic systems
Robotics and automation
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